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Price: $390.00
Item Number: 18-100T
SBC High Capacity Marine Oil Pan for '86 and newer with one piece seal

Save $$$ with us!!! List $560.00 CFM-Tech $350.00

STYLE: Stock depth with full length sump gives greater oil capacity. For applications with the pickup at the flywheel end of the engine.

SIZE: 7-1/2" Deep full length sump holds 8 quarts of oil.

FEATURES: Double trap door baffles, bolt-in windage tray and 1/2" N.P.T. fittings on each side of pan for oil drains.

Optional parts. If needed please call us:

#18-101 Stock replacement pickup for SBC pumps. $11.25

DIPSTICK: #20-850 Required Dipstick Kit. $22.50

#88-100T One Piece Gasket set for '86+ SBC blocks. $28.50
#22-300 SB Chevy oil pan stud kit. $10.00
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