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CFM-Tech Fuel Psi Guage Adapter For GM Tbi 2.8/4.3/5.0/5.7/7.4

Price: $39.95
Item Number: 500-200
  •      No more removing your fuel filter - no more climbing underneath your vehicle - no more hassle - when checking your GM tbi fuel pressure!!! 
  •      We've asked several gauge manufacturers for years to make an easier way to check fuel psi for the GM tbi engines. They would not do it so , again, we spent the time and $ to do it ourselves. 
  •      Our adapter installs directly into the throttle body replacing the OE fuel line to tbi adapter. It also features 2 x 1/8" NPT ports ( 1 plug included) so that a mechanical and/or an electrical guage can be utilized. 
  •      You wanted it - we wanted it. Now we all can have it! 
  •      Guage sold sperately. Note #1: Permatex #2 or equivalent thread sealing compund required (not supplied) for port plug and fuel psi gauge fitting required. Note #2 - Adapter comes with new gasket on male end where it attaches to the injector pod. Use of thread sealing compound is not recommended in this location.
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