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CFM-Tech Ported Throttle Body for '96+ 4.3 Vortec V6

Price: $197.00
Item Number: PVTB-430
You asked for it so we did it! A Ported GM Throttle Body for the '96+ Vortec 4.3L V6 engines.

These Vortec Ported Throttle Bodies also feature our High Flow Throttle Blade, thinned throttle shafts and button head screws! Why purchase an aftermarket $395.00 throttle body? Hmmmm... We don't know. Do you? Why haven't other throttle body porting companies offered ported versions of the 4.3L Vortec throttle body? Good question! They re-use the factory throttle blades in their ported throttle bodies. Why offer a ported t-body that re-uses the Vortec throttle blade that has a large air restrictor? That's the reason!

Our Ported Throttle Bodies use our Vortec High Flow Throttle Blade that does not have this restrictor. Please take a look at these blades in our Catalog for more info. Since we use factory GM Throttle Bodies we do need your core back.

Please read about core charge !

We do not charge a core charge upfront but we will charge one if you do not send your throttle body back to us within 20 days of receiving ours. The core charge is $100.00. By purchasing this unit you are agreeing to these core return terms. Others collect core charges upfront when selling ported throttle bodies, however we do not for we want you to be able to keep your hard earned money in your pocket.

***Our Ported Throttle Body does not include the TPS or IAC motor. You simply swap these over.*** ******Have you purchased one of our High Flow Throttle Blades already? Do not fret - we will discount the full purchase price of $39.95 from your throttle body purchase. When your throttle body core is returned we will check to see if it has our High Flow throttle Blade installed. If it does, we will credit your CC the full original $39.95 .****** ***We appreciate your business and this is why we are doing this! Thank you!***
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