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Gear Oil Pump For Filling Outdrive

Price: $39.95
Item Number: OP-ODF
Picture does not represent actual product, although very similar. Of special note is that we include a metal swivel adapter that installs and removes much quicker and much less messy than the typical plastic adapter.

- The metal swivel adapter fits Alpha 1, Alpha 1 Generation 2, OMC, Johnson, Evinrude and Volvo

- Our pump only requires and initial 10 pumps or so to pressurize container and fill the outdrive.

- Container holds 4 quarts of oil. Typical outdrive fills with 2 quarts or less.

- Trigger can be locked in 'open' position for even further ease.

- Operation is much simpler, easier, and tremendously less messy than other methods.

With this product, you do not have to deal any longer with the 'ketchup' type dispensers that fit on 1 quart bottles and require to keep pumping and then change bottles halfway thru the fill process.

Another simple solution made and brought to you by CFM Technologies.
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