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Price: $123.95
Item Number: PS105-P
Are you using or contemplating the use of a standard two hole adapter? If your rule book does not enforce this DON'T DO IT. You'll be wasting 15-30hp!

This spacer (no longer an adapter) increased our test NASCAR Pro-Stock's straightaway rpm by 400! And our test NASCAR Late Model 300rpm!

***Most user's report the need to increase jet size by 4#'s - some report 2#'s. Either way start with 4#'s higher to be safe and then tune from there***

***Check your track's rule book for legality***

***For those who "might happen to forget the rules (if there are any)against using a ported version of this spacer" it looks like a standard 1" high 2 hole adapter from the top and side views. It can only be detected with the carburetor off and looking at very close view thru the two throttle holes or from the underneath at any distance.***

***Hardware and Gaskets Included***
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