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GM 96'+ Vortec 4.3 / 5.0 / 5.7

Testing is done on our High Flow '96+ Vortec Throttle Blades and our '96+ Vortec Ported Throttle Body! Test vehicle was a '97 Vortec 5.7L K3500 Crew Cab (4x4, 8ft bed, single rear wheels) We chose this heavy vehicle so that we could prove how well these parts work. Remember, when comparing two vehicles with the same power the lighter vehicle will always respond more favorably to hp/torque increases than the larger and heavier vehicle. Therefore, the lighter your vehicle is the quicker it will be with the same modifications. This vehicle is 100% stock and was tested with the below parts only. This vehicle has 101,000 miles and weighed in at a portly 6860lbs!!! For reporting consistency we made 15 runs on the same day and then averaged the results. Distance Stock Throttle Body Stock T-Body with our CFM-Tech High Flow Blade CFM-Tech Ported Throttle Body 60' 2.8700 = Stock 2.8162 = CFM Tech's High Flow Throttle Blade 2.6722 = CFM Tech's Ported Throttle Body 330' 7.8422 = Stock 7.7444 = CFM Tech's High Flow Throttle Blade 7.5036 = CFM Tech's Ported Throttle Body 1/8 mile 11.8718 = Stock 11.7672 = CFM Tech's High Flow Throttle Blade 11.4602 = CFM Tech's Ported Throttle Body Driver's response - " The acceleration test #'s are impressive but they don't show the even more impressive difference in throttle response, acceleration, and sustained mph at lower throttle angles. The throttle response is amazing!. Just a little throttle and this truck gets up and go's now whereas you used to have to give it a whole lot more throttle . This (truck) used to be a lackluster performer with it being so heavy and having a 5.7 instead of a better matched 7.4L.. The difference with the High Flow Throttle Blade was much better than stock. When the Ported Throttle Body was bolted on the difference was even greater. I hope the Ported Throttle Body stays on this truck."
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