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Outdrive Shower Coolers

HYDRO COOL II Ultimate Outdrive Coolers / Showers from Innovation Marine Not only does this most effective DRIVE SHOWER cool the best , but now also strengthens the upper gear case and bearing tower with an integrated "Stud Girdle". See why the Hydro Cool II is the drive shower of choice by owners of top brand boats like: Fountain, Elimator, Outerlimits, Nortech, Black Thunder, Nordic, Advantage, Baja, Magic, Formula, Scarab, Sunsation, HTM, and many, many more! We stock HydroCool II's for early,late Alpha's and Bravo I's. Please call for availability on MerCruiser Bravo 2, 3, X, XR, XR-ITS finned or smooth bearing caps, and most aftermarket external steering systems.
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